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Reporting Tardiness/Absences

ZORGANICS Institute expects all students to attend classes at their scheduled times. 


On days that theory class is offered, roll call will begin at 8:00 AM. If a student will arrive late, she or he must call the director or manager on duty by 8:00 AM and must arrive by 10:15 AM unless otherwise approved by the school director. When he or she calls, a time of arrival and reason for tardiness must be provided. Speaking to or leaving a message with the front desk or an instructor may not constitute calling in. Late students may not be allowed to join in the theory class and may be given another project to complete by the director or an instructor.


Any planned school closures, such as closures for holidays, are built into student contracts. Unplanned closures, such as those for inclement weather, may be taken into account before over-contract fees are assessed. No make-up time may be granted for unplanned closures. For inclement weather purposes only, ZORGANICS Institute follows the guidelines of the Bellingham School District.


Reporting absences is required for any and all absences, whether a student is absent for a full day or partial day, and the absence must be reported in advance. Any absence which is not reported using one of the methods listed below is considered unreported. Unreported absences may result in disciplinary action. Absentee fees can be incurred whether an absence is reported or unreported.




  1. If a student will not be attending class, the students must notify the institute by calling (360) 392-8243 at least 15 minutes before scheduled class start time to let the staff know that they will not be attending class that day.

  2. The absence is scheduled ahead of time using a “Request for Time Off” form (also known as “Prior Outs”).

  3. If a student must depart while already in attendance, the student notifies their instructor and the front desk that they are leaving for the day

  4. Absentee fees can be incurred whether an absence is reported or unreported. Unreported absences may result in disciplinary action

  5. To Waive student’s absentee fees, the student can by providing documentation supporting the reason that caused the student to miss school. Reasons which documentation may be accepted include but may not be limited to: Illness/hospitalization, required conferences or counseling, child safety concerns, closed daycare/child’s school, court dates, probation appointments, DSHS appointments, veterinary appointments, collisions, arrests, or other documented circumstances* which makes it clear that the student was unable to attend due to the result.

1. Documentation must be submitted in person, or email within 7 days of the relevant absence. At the discretion of the Director, documentation which is not submitted within 7 days may still be considered.


2. Accepted notes will waive absentee fees for the applicable date or date range indicated by the documentation.

In order to be accepted, a note must include all of the following:

       a. The student’s full name

       b. A statement or other notation of the circumstances

       c. The date or date range that the student should be excused

       d. The name and signature of the employee providing the note, and contact information for the          company/organization.


3. For any circumstances that fall outside of the listed policy above, the School Director will solely determine if the circumstance warrants waiving absentee fees.

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